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    opening a pdf



      opening a pdf


      Is there a way to open a pdf. (stored in a container or linked to a container) and have it open in mac's preview program, web browser, acrobat or something? I'm just trying to have a good way to view it. 

      Thanks for any help.


      FMP 10. on mac.

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          Depends on how you've stored it, The actual file in the container or just a reference to it. With store by reference, you can just double-click the field. With the actual file stored, you can use export field contents to open it. (You can even export the file to the temporary items folder to avoid a build up of exported files on the client computer.)

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            Howdy marco,

            Just for a little more info to round it out, you can also check out the "SendEvent" script step.

            It is no better an option, just another one...

            Check out this old thread...I am assuming that this approach still works on FMP11, I have not tested it myself.

            Opening pdf file with Windows and/or Mac