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Opening a pdf document from a field container on a specific page?

Question asked by Gjallandi on Feb 23, 2014


Opening a pdf document from a field container on a specific page?


     What I got:

     - 10 old pdf Item catalogs 300 pages each (covers everything in the database in much more detail). Documents cannot be shared outside company.

     What i will get:

     - Filemaker Item Status database

     - 5 employees users in the field using the database with Filemaker GO on ipad (filemaker server behind).

     What I am trying to improve:

     - Every item record in the database has a button that opens correct pdf catalog that contains info about the item.
             Set Variable [$Temp; Value:Get(TemporaryPath) & "temp.pdf"]
             Export Field Contents [Table::Containerfield; "$Temp"; Automatically open]

     When the pdf catalog is opened I start on page 1. The Filemaker pdf viewer is very limited and going to page 234 is not smooth… (plus I want to skip the possibility of employee navigating the book to an incorrect Item).

     My question is:
     Is there a way to open a pdf document from a container field on a specific page?
     Every Item will then have a button that opens the correct pdf on correct page (this would save so much time and errors for us).

     In the Filemaker pdf viewer there is a share button in the top left corner with many many ways of sharing the document. I want to do the opposite. I want the documents secure inside Filemaker and the user only able to read the document. Is this possible?