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Opening a PDF from a container field

Question asked by PaulTraub on Jul 11, 2015
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Opening a PDF from a container field



I'm hoping that someone is able to shed some light on this. I have 10 container fields that I drop insert docs into. These for now reside on my laptop as I will only migrate the full program to our server when it's complete and well tested.

I use a script to insert the files which are mainly pdf's  into each container field and that works well. I have set to reference the file externally. The issue is that it does open the file initially, but after closing and opening the program it brings up an error "The file XXXX.pdf could not be found and is required to complete this operation" I have tried using internal storage but get the same error - it's driving me nuts and is the only stumbling block so far. Added to that is if the document name contains spaces then it always gives the above error. But that's an easy fix by using underscores in place of spaces.

The script that I use to open the file is the SEND EVENT and then a calculation. I'm on a windows machine.

I really just don't want to put the full path in a script manually as this may change from time to time.

Oh, the location of all the pdf files are constant, so I would assume (I know it's dangerous :) ) that it would always reference that location.

Any help would be great.