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Opening a picture file

Question asked by Jeff123 on Jan 24, 2010
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Opening a picture file


I have containers holding a picture file (reference) and a script to insert the file.  I cannot seem to open that picture in Preview though.  I double click the container and nothing happens, I wrote a script to Goto field and Select/Perform and again nothing happens.


However if I insert a file (reference) it will open, but the only thing that shows in the container is the jpg icon.  Is it possible to open a picture file without exporting?  It seems odd that filemaker wouldn't allow a picture file to open, so I assume I am missing an option selection. 


If filemaker can't perform this task for whatever reason, do I have to figure out a work around through scripting like inserting both a picture reference and file reference to the photo at the same time and then another script to open just the referenced file (of the photo)?  Any ideas of how that first script would have to be done to work seamlessly?