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Opening a related document (doc, pdf etc) from FM

Question asked by escargot on Feb 12, 2010
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Opening a related document (doc, pdf etc) from FM


Hi folks,


Another query that i'm sure is possible but that i'm struggling with.


First off, we're all using iMacs here and the database is served over the network. FM Pro V10.0v3.


Basically, hosted on our server we have a folder called Candidate CVs. This folder contains all our candidate CVs where the filename is the candidate reference number generated by filemaker. So for example, Candidate ref 129 will equate to a file called 129.doc/docx/pdf.


I would like to script a button that will open this file based on whichever candidate is currently being browsed.


To my mind, I need some kind of script that has the file location set in stone (ie afp://Server/Shared/Candidate CVs/) but then reference checks the candidate ref and places this at the end along with .doc .docx and .pdf so ultimately the script will open afp://Server/Shared/CVs/canref.doc


Any ideas?