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Opening a saved primary file.

Question asked by dmana on Mar 9, 2013
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Opening a saved primary file.


     I created a runtime, MyRuntimeApp, and created a primary solution MyRuntimeApp.fmpur.

     Using the menu File / Save a Copy as .. to copy MyRuntimeApp_X.fmpur.

     I close and reopen MyRuntimeApp, and it opens with MyRuntimeApp.fmpur.

     I do not see a way to open MyRuntimeApp_X.fmpur.

     If I delete MyRuntimeApp.fmpur and run MyRuntimeApp, I get the dialog with the message"

     "The primary file “MyRuntimeApp” cannot be found and is required for this application."

     After respondind OK, the next dialog opens where I can select the file "MyRuntimeAppX.fmpur, and the saved copy opens.

     If this is correct, is there a way to surpress the dialog about the primary file not found, and move on the the file selection dialog?