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    Opening a shared file directly from a remote volume...



      Opening a shared file directly from a remote volume...



      So I want to be able to store my FileMaker Pro database files on a remote volume -- primarily for the ease of backup, redundancy (RAID), and consistency in file locations -- but continually have the "Opening a shared file directly from a remote volume" warning message on every file! Is there a way to disable this warning?

      Now, the remote volume that is being accessed is a commercial grade NAS with higher performance than the internal hard drive and the network is 1GBit so I don't think "will reduce performance and can affect reliability" is applicable (since it's effectively better than the local storage).

      All the other posts I could find (google/your forums) about this warning message, the end response was basically "why would you want to do that", or "you should buy FileMaker Server", or "Don't know how to disable the message". Which are all very unhelpful. I'm hoping an employee can provide something more useful -- or at least a valid reason for not being able to disable this warning if you can't (as in specific technical reasons).

      Oh, and I tried symbolically linking the remote share (the directory containing the FileMaker Pro files) to a local directory in hope that it could fool FileMaker Pro, but unfortunately it didn't.


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          Mark White:

          Thanks for posting.

          There's no way to disable this warning. Opening a file directly from a remote volume can cause database corruption and, because of this, we highly recommend against it. For more information, please see knowledge base answer #7616:



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            What you descibe endangers your file's integrity. Other posts here by FileMaker tech reps indicate that putting the file on a shared volume and accessing it directly like this is very dangerous. You can easily end up with a corrupted file.

            1) This can happen if two users try to access the file directly at the same time

            2) This can happen if only one user accesses the file and then a network glitch interrupts things when the DB is in mid "save" back to the hard drive.

            That's why you keep seeing those "unhelpful" comments. They are trying to convince you that there are much safer alternatives.

            Best practice is to open the file from the computer where the hard drive is located first. This file can be opened with FileMaker Pro or with Filemaker Server for this purpose. Then other users should use Open Remote... to connect to the file. It is safest if the directory in which the file is located is not shared at all.