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    Opening a Snapshot Link



      Opening a Snapshot Link


      I've got a solution that requires multiple end of month reports to be run and I've been looking for a way to automate them so that our accounting person isn't wasting time clicking on a button and waiting for the report to generate.  I can't move them over to a totally automated server side script because the data is saved as a PDF.


      So my first thought was to use a snapshot link.  FM Server will run a script that goes through and creates the report and saves the records as a snapshot link.  The user will then open the snapshot link and save the records as a PDF.


      What I'm wondering is if anyone knows how to open up a snapshot link from FileMaker?  Like, she would still click on a button but that button would be attached to script that says if the Application Version is Pro open a specified snapshot link.


      This would be in a Windows based environment.  Thanks for any assistance!

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          You could try using Open URL in a script to open the file.

          You can also total automate the process so that they do not have to save the PDF as a separate operation. Use a FileMaker Robot file to run the script at a scheduled time instead of the server schedule.

          Create a small file with just a simple script with two steps in it:

          Perform Script [//specify script in your current file that generates the report and saves it as a PDF here]
          Exit Application  // or use Close file if you want to leave fileMaker up and running.

          Then use File Options to specify that this script run each time the file is opened.

          You can then use Windows Task Scheuler to set up a schedule that opens this file at specified times and on a specified interval.

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            HUGE EDIT:

            Error was my fault, had the file path malformed.  Now it's just not actually opening the snapshot link.  Doesn't give me an error but doesn't actually open the file.


            Original post:

            Using Open URL gives me Error 5 (Command Is Invalid) so I don't think it's going to work.  I'm trying to avoid turning this over to a robot because we've had some problems with our robot machine actually doing what it's supposed to do on a consistent basis.


            Back to the drawing board I guess...