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Opening a Snapshot Link

Question asked by mcspencer on Oct 31, 2011
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Opening a Snapshot Link


I've got a solution that requires multiple end of month reports to be run and I've been looking for a way to automate them so that our accounting person isn't wasting time clicking on a button and waiting for the report to generate.  I can't move them over to a totally automated server side script because the data is saved as a PDF.


So my first thought was to use a snapshot link.  FM Server will run a script that goes through and creates the report and saves the records as a snapshot link.  The user will then open the snapshot link and save the records as a PDF.


What I'm wondering is if anyone knows how to open up a snapshot link from FileMaker?  Like, she would still click on a button but that button would be attached to script that says if the Application Version is Pro open a specified snapshot link.


This would be in a Windows based environment.  Thanks for any assistance!