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opening a windows folder on a server within a form

Question asked by fluffyone on Mar 3, 2011
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opening a windows folder on a server within a form


Hi Group

I have set a button on a form so that it opens up a window and goes to a folder to show the files in the folder.
I have also set it to open a perticuler folder based on the record number in the form. ( I have a main folder called files and in this folder there is lots of folders all named with a letter and a number i.e A22990, A22991, A22992 etc..)

 and it works well when the button is clicked the window opens and the correct folder is displayed with it's contents.

the main folder is on a server but the actual database is on another pc and this is a hosted file shared via another pc and a ipad.
on the hosted pc all works well as the address to the folder is via a mapped network drive so the adress i am using is somthing like:

"U:\mainfolder\" and then the additional code to open up the right one for the current record.

but this only works on the host pc that has the mapped network drive, the other pc and ipad cant find the files. the address at the server is:


 when I use this firstly filmaker drops the first \ so there is only one at the front and secondly it doesn't work?

can anyone indicate how to get this working please?

Regards Fluffy