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opening another database automatically

Question asked by neil45156 on Mar 30, 2010
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opening another database automatically


Hi Everyone,


There may be a simple answer to my problem, but I have tried a number of ways to get my feature to work, but with no luck. I am using Filemaker v10 on a windows vista.


I have two databases which are linked together with their unique ID number. One is a customer database with customer ID and the other is an invoice database with its own Inv ID. I have built the relationship between custID and custID in the inv database.


What I have been trying to do is write a script which will enable me to have a customer record in the customer database, then run the script which opens the inv database showing the inv for the customer I see in the customer database.


I have used the Go to related record and specified the invoice database from the Get related record from drop down. I have turned on the show only related records and match current records only. However, when I run the script, it works in finding the current record in the Invoice database, but will not open it so I see it in front of me.


Any help would be much appreciated.