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Opening external documents from within FileMaker (WinXP)?

Question asked by hehazelhorst on Jul 5, 2010
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Opening external documents from within FileMaker (WinXP)?


I need to open an external document by clicking a button in FileMaker 10. Very simple: the document name and path is stored in a Filemaker field, and all the user needs to do is invoke a scriptstep that goes out and opens the document, switching to the associated application.

For instance: a PowerPoint file, a Word document etc. Or anything that is installed properly. Putting FileMaker data into the external document would be nice, but the priority is to open the document in the first place.

On the Mac, this is fairly simple, using AppleScript. But how can I do this on Windows? I have tried DDE Execute, but the syntax is obscure and poorly documented.


Hans Erik