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    Opening files in containers



      Opening files in containers


      Is is possible to click on a file that has a reference stored in a container open when you click on it?  Can you script it somehow to make it open on clicking?  Or just how do you view the files?  I have put files in containers and cannot access them.






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             Just double click the field.
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            I thought for sure that was the way to use this feature.  But, I created an empty database and put one field, a container, and then click on it and put a file in it, I used an xls file.  I can then browse and click and double click on it and nothing happens.  If I right click, I can export the contents to a file, so I know it is there, but it will not open.  What am I doing wrong?


            I might add I have been using Filemaker since ver 5.

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              Here's what I did:


              I defined a container field in a sample file I use for testing things.

              I added the field to a layout.

              I right clicked the field and chose "insert file"

              I selected and excel file and clicked "Store only a reference to a file" option.


              When I double click the field, Excel launches and the file opens.


              See any differences between what I did and what you are doing?

              If not, try storing a reference to a different kind of file, such as a text file, PDF or even another filemaker file.

              See if double clicking the file will open one of these files.

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                Yep, I'm the dummy!  Did not see the check box to save as a reference.  I think the reason I missed it was that I read everything I could in the knowledge base and docs and it seems that it always mentioned that Filemaker did not store the file, only a reference, so I was surprised to see that it can actuallys store files and they can only be exported.



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                  How can I open file which is stored externally? 

                  Is there any solutions except exporting field contents and selecting automatic open file??