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Opening FM Pro 10 with username and password

Question asked by JoseVerstappen on Oct 19, 2012
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Opening FM Pro 10 with username and password


     I have been running FM Pro 10 with 10 licenses; one computer serves as the host, and the remaining computers (or in fact also the host) have been logging in with a username and password - where I had a Username and Password to allow me access as administrator, while the other users had a different Username and Password to allow access without administrator privileges.

     I recently installed a copy on a new computer to replace another computer that had died. During the installation process I was asked something along the lines of whether I wanted to use a Username and Password when I opened FM; since this install was on my own private laptop, I assumed that this was related to this particular install on my own laptop - only to find out that it had changed the setting in FM; subsequently it allowed each computer to open FM without asking for a Username and Password.

     The problem I have is that I need to be able to open Filemaker as Administrator in order to to work on the structure, layouts etc. However, as FM now opens automatically in the Guest mode, I have no way to do this any longer.

     There must be a way for me to open FM as an Administrator, though, so that I can reverse this setting, and so that I can again access the file as an Administrator, and restore the procedure where everyone who opens the file is asked again for a Username and Password.

     Any suggestions? Many thanks,

     - Jose