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    Opening FMP with the same File



      Opening FMP with the same File


           I have users who use just one of my programs extensively.  I have setup Favorite Files so they open up Filemaker and jump right into it.  They would like to eliminate that step and just go right to the program.

           I'm new to the MAC environment and don't understand how to build an alias to do this.  If that is the best way to go could somebody show me an example?

           The other possibility would be for Filemaker to automatically open the same file.  Is this possible and, if so, how?

           I appreciate the help.


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               If it's on the computer (no server): double click the icon of the file itself. You could place an alias on the desktop.

               If the file is served: type in the address field of Safari:

               "fmp://<hostname or ip-address>/<filename>" (without the quotes) and hit Enter. If this works, then do it again, but don't hit Enter. Drag the icon in front of the url to the desktop. Now click this item. If it works, then change the name and the icon to recognizable items in the Info panel. Copy this 'internet-location' file to the desktop of all your users.