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    Opening jpeg Image



      Opening jpeg Image


      If I have a jpg image on a layout is there a way to open it directly from my layout in MS paint to edit it?



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          Is it in a container field?

          If not, you may have to copy/paste into MS Paint. (I prefer Paint.net myself)

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            It is a container field.

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              Ok so I got it to open with windows fileviewer.

              No success in opening directly with paint.  

              I am using the script step: SendEvent

              Any work arounds for this.

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                My previous response appears to not have been posted successfully.

                If you go into your windows 7 control panels, you can change which application is the default application for jpegs. If you change the settings to make MS Paint the default application, you can use export field contents to open the file in MS paint by selecting the option to open this copy of the file automatically. You'll then have to re-insert the file in order to  save any changes made back into the container field.


                1. The file was inserted with Insert file and "store a reference" was selected
                3. the container field is not optimized for interactive content and
                5. You've made MS Paint the default application


                Simply double clicking the container field will open the current copy of the image file in MS Paint.

                I am using the script step: SendEvent

                If you can show me a windows command line that correctly opens the file in MS Paint, I may be able to show you how to use Send Event to open the file.

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                  The command line to open a file in mspaint is mspaint with the path and filename of the file to be opened :  mspaint c:\folder\image.jpg 

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                    And command lines can be executed with send event or you can set up a series of records with the command line text in a text field, export the file to a text file with the .bat extension and "open automatically" option to create and execute a batch file of multiple commands.

                    Here is an example using Send Event to create a new folder that I copied out of this forum some time ago:

                    Set Variable [ $dirName; Value:"EVO PlaceHolders" ]
                    Set Variable [ $desktopUse; Value:Substitute ( "/" & Get ( DesktopPath ); [ "//" ; "" ]; [ "/" ; "\\" ]) ]
                    Send Event [ open document/application; "cmd.exe /C MKDIR " & Quote ( $desktopUse & $dirName & "\\" ) ]