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    Opening Layout



      Opening Layout


      FileMaker Pro 11; Mac OS-Snow Leopard


      1.  Is there a way to set which layout will open first when a user opens the database?? 

      2.  Is there a way to hide all the Filemaker toolbars (file, edit, view... etc) for certain users??



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          Dunno about 11, we chose not to upgrade to it.

          If it's similar to previos versions, look under File>File Options and you'll have a checkable option for a starting layout.


          I know they changed the way toolbars are handled in FMP11 so I'll let another person handle that one...

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            You can set up a script that check's either the user's account name ( get ( accountName ) or privilegesetname ( Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ) to determine whether this is a user where you want to hide the status area (If you hide the status area, all the tool bars are hidden.).


            To hide the status area, you'd use:


            Show/Hide Status Area [Hide] //user can click control at window bottom to see status area

            Show/Hide Status Area [Lock ; Hide ] //User cannot click control at window bottom to reveal status area.


            Your script thus might look like:


            If [ Get (AccountPrivilegeSetName ) = "LimitedAccess" ]

               Show/Hide Status Area [Lock; Hide ]

            End IF


            In File Options, you'll select this script to run each time the file is opened.


            Note: except for the Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) function, the same exact method works on older versions of filemaker. ( Use Get ( privilegesetname ) instead).

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              Wow... thanks Phil, that's EXACTLY what I had in mind.   The more you learn about this software, the more you realize how versatile it really is.  Every time I think "gee, I wonder if I could...", well sure enough, I can.


              Thanks again.



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                I'm having a hard time getting that script to work.  It seems to hang up on the "Show/Hide Status Area [ Lock; Hide ] " with message: "The specified table cannot be found." 


                Any thoughts what I'm doing wrong??

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                  That's truly odd as you aren't specifying any table or field anywhere in this script.


                  You should be able to add each script step by finding it in the list on the left in the script editor and double clicking. Then you specify the options for lock and hide by selecting them from the options section at the bottom while the script step is selected.


                  The only text you'd enter is what's between the brackets of the If [] step, and you'll have to edit that text to refer to the name of the privilege set you want for this.


                  Can you post the actual script? You can print a script to a PDF file and then use acrobat readers text tool to copy the text to the clipboard and then paste it here in your next reply to this thread.

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                    Phil... I figured out what I was doing wrong.  I'm still new at writing scripts and I wasn't using the script editor properly.  Sorry about that.


                    Thanks again for your help. 


                    One last question though... if I want to lockout the toolbar for every layout, do I have to run this script for every one or does it just set the SHOW / HIDE function once and it stays that way? 



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                      The show/hide step hides and locks the status area for all layouts. If you need to selectively enable/disable the status area for specific layouts, you'd need scripts to use this step to show/hide, lock/unlock each time the user switches layouts.