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    opening linked db and performing a script



      opening linked db and performing a script


      I have a master menu/button table that I use to open related tables and run a related script; i.e., menu button:find customer should open the Customer table and run a "find" script in that table. I also position the resulting window specifically through applescript step.

      What's the preferred method for opening another table and running a script native to that table? And leaving the originating window where it is?

      using fmpro 6 on a mac 10.6.x

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          Are you certain you mean "to open related tables"? Or "related file"? The reason I ask is that different files can have different scripts, but a different table can be of the same file and therefore have access to the same set of scripts. You can call a script from a related table of another file by using the Perform Script script step.


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            I meant related file. But I didn't know a file could contain more than one table. The trouble I'm having with the Perform Script step is which file the script gets performed on. for some reason, the Menu file layout gets resized when I 1. open the Customer File, then 2. run the resize script for the Customer file. If I'm in the customer file, the script works fine. Running it from the menu file, it resizes the menu window, an unwanted result. I don't understand why it does that. I want to leave the Menu window as is and change focus to the Customer window placed where it should be. The two files are NOT related. I'm really trying to build a floating menubar for a series of related fils in fmp 6.