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Opening local FM file with Open URL

Question asked by pavle on Dec 15, 2014
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Opening local FM file with Open URL


Hi all,

I have tried to find an answer to my problem, but with not much success.

What I want to do is to script opening local Filemaker files with Open URL. By using the command Open file, I need to set up sources for all the my local files (+90 of them), and then the process is not easily expandable for additional dbs.

I have made an opener file, that works great with opening server hosted files (with Open URL script step), but if I want to use the same opener for opening local files, I cannot find what the path should look like. Open File script step cannot use variables, where for Open URL I am using it to change the path, based on the record I am currently in.

I have tried:

fmp://Mac HD/users/...../db.fmp12

file:///Mac HD/users/...../db.fmp12


I am on FM13. If anyone has a suggestion for me to try, I'll be glad to listen/read about it. Using the File menu command is not practical, because it requires couple of clicks for each db to be opened. I need something to be scripted, that is scalable, so if I add a new db, all I need to do is add a new record, and all should work fine. That is what I have for my hosted files now, but not for my local files.

I need my local files, because I often make DDRs for BaseElements reports.

Thank you.