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Opening Multiple FM sessions

Question asked by FMUser101 on Jan 23, 2014
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Opening Multiple FM sessions


     I am wondering if it is possible to open more than one FileMaker session at a time on one computer? Many of our files/databases have many windows opened at one time when they are being used, which makes the screen get quite cluttered/confusing if a user has more than one file open at once in the same FileMaker program window. (Imagine dozens of different windows opened on one screen, representing many different files/databases - not ideal!) One solution would be to simply close one file before opening another, but this would require having to sign back in again and again, and is also not ideal. Preferrably, the users would like to be able to open a new session of FileMaker for each file they open, so that each program window only displays the windows specific to one particular file/database.

     Thanks for any help with this!