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Opening pdf file with Windows and/or Mac

Question asked by ninja on Dec 19, 2008
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Opening pdf file with Windows and/or Mac


Good day all,

This has been a frustrating sideline for some time now but is starting to become costly...


I have FM8.0 throughout the facility, and folks have PC's or Mac's based on their personal biases.  I need to have the database open a different scanned .pdf file depending on the record they are currently viewing.


There is one field that holds a "Windows path" to the .pdf file.  Another field holds the Mac-ish path.

One button naemd "OPEN ON A PC" performs "Open URL" based on the Winows path field, a second button named (you guessed it) "OPEN ON A MAC" performs "Open URL" based on the mac path field.


The windows opening works fine...always has.

The Mac button doesn't work...we've fixed it several times by retyping the path name or restarting the Mac (or both, repeatedly and resigning onto the network and ...) and even gone so far as to have FM tech support on site.  The fixes last for between a day and a week...then the button simply won't open the file anymore.  I was not present for the FM Tech support visit, and those that were aren't here anymore...hopefully we won't have to buy the on-site again for the same issue if someone here can help. 


Is there something pertinent about Mac path names, networking, whatever that I'm just totally missing???  Please understand that I'm a deep PC guy, my knowledge in Mac networking or even general Mac system function is fairly limited.