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    Opening Remote Filemaker Files



      Opening Remote Filemaker Files


           Hi, I have to work out how to reliably open remote Filemaker files on another machine on my wifi network, and would be very grateful for any help.

           I made a FM file to act as an 'opener' for the four remote files, but due to the fact that the IP? of the remote machine is never the same the next day, the opener file will not continue to work. I realised that assigning a static IP to the host machine might be the answer, but I don't know how to do this correctly and in a way that will not cause other problems. 

           My network has just two Apple machines, and an Airport Extreme distributing the wifi. The Macs are an Air and a Retina MacBook Pro and both are running Mavericks and fully updated. They are running Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.0 v5

           Thanks, LostInBento

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               If this is over a local area network, properly assigning a static IP address to that one machine should not cause problems. I'd look up a network consultant who can come to your office and set this up for you.

               Another option would be to leave the files open on that machine 24/7.

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                 Hi, I had a go some time ago but didn't really know what I was doing with the static IP thing. I remember some issue or other that meant I had to undo what I had done, but I can't remember why. This is the first chance I have had to revisit the issue.

                 Unfortunately finances dictate I find a DIY fix if at all possible.

                 Thanks for your input.


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                   you can use teamviewer which is free and it will allow you to remotely go into the other machine.  Not as robust as open remote but, if all else fails you can use this.

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                     BTW, opening files using FileMaker on machine 1 to open files on Machine 2 is not a recommended way to open the files. Opening a file in a shared directory could damage the file if two users attempt this at the same time. Even when you are careful to be the only user to do this, the system performance will not be optimum and there is still some risk to file integrity if you use that session to make design changes to the file and you get a "glitch" at just the wrong instance.

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                       1] Do you have two different FMP licenses? Meaning one computer can have the databases open, and using the Open Remote menu item can open and use the databases at the same time.

                       2] Or the same serial number on both? Meaning you get an error message when the second copy of FMP is opened.

                       IF 1], it is unusual for the IP address to change, normally it remains the same unless the wireless network is turned off and the computers are turned on in a different order.

                       Setting a static IP address on your local network is easy.Your wireless router will assign a 192.168.xx.xx  or a 10.10.xx.xx (these are the most common Local network IP domains used.  The static IP addresses need to be within the range used by your router.

                       Open Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network
                       Highlight the Airport network on the left pane, click the Advanced button at the bottom, select the TCP/IP tab at the top of the new window.
                       Change "Configure IPv4" from "Using DHCP" to "Using DHCP with manual address"
                       The IP Address of the Router is shown on the fourth line, enter an IP address that is within the range - the first three octals (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) have to be the same, the last octal needs to be unique/
                       Click OK - window closes - Click Apply and close System Preferences.

                       Pictures and directions are on these links



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                         Thanks for all help, especially to DavidAnders. I followed settings changes as suggested and all works very well indeed, except the machine I made the settings changes to  (the Retina MacBook Pro) cannot now 'see' the Internet when I take it home.

                         I use an AirPort Extreme at home also, but do not know what to do to make the Retina 'lock-on' the the home network as it normally does whilst maintaining the correct operation at work when I return.

                         One more small step and I'll be fully operational on this machine I think.