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Opening Runtime Document Copies with any Runtime Application

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Apr 27, 2013


Opening Runtime Document Copies with any Runtime Application



     When a runtime is created (FMP adv 12, OSX) you get at least two files: 1) a runtime application (extension app), and 2) a runtime document (default extension fmpur). To open the runtime document it is recommended that one start by opening the runtime app. Fine, but if you save a copy of the runtime document (it will have "Copy" attached to the name of the runtime document), then to open it, you must always first open the original runtime document, then you can open the copy by double clicking the document copy; therefore you have two runtime documents opened at the same time with the same runtime app. This can be cool but not always, you can then close the original document.


     A work around is to change the name of the original by adding backup 1, and change the name of the copy to have the same name as the original had. But that seems silly and cumbersome for clients to do. It would be more convenient if the runtime app would open any runtime with a different name (like a copy) or a new runtime document (different name) as along as was created using the same bindkey. 


     In fact for any runtime document copy or newly created, they can be opened with any runtime application (app extension) as long as the runtime document was created with the same bindkey, and the original runtime document is opened first.


     Has anyone succeeded in opening a runtime document copy or newly created runtime document, with same bindkey, with a different name without first opening the original document ? Is this currently possible without renaming ?


     Remember, when saving a runtime document copy, when using external storage, to save the copy in the same location as the original runtime app and doc. Otherwise may run into "Missing File" issues with containers.