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    opening same record information to a different database



      opening same record information to a different database


           Hi FM people,

           We are using 2 standalone database in our office(dont know why they separate it in the first place) and I created a script to open the 2nd database from the 1st database we have.

           Now the problem is that when I'm in database1 and wants to open database 2 using the button/script I created, it will of course open it with search view (because thats what I selected to show when the database opens up) but ultimately we wanted to open the record we are currently viewing in database1, with database2.

           I hope this is clear... :)


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               I suggest explaining in more detail. An example of what you'd like to do would help clear things up as well.

               What is the purpose of each database file?

               Why would the same record be in both files?

               Have you defined any relationships linking a table in one file to a table in the other?

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                 Thanks for the advise Phil,

                 We have database1 which is our main database that holds all the client information and case status report, lets call it "ClientMatter"  and database2 which we created to track hourly task, lets call it "TimeTracker". Not all clients in "ClientManger" database is billed hourly so I created a button that will turn visible if a certain record being browsed is an hourly client, so you can just click the button to open "TimeTracker". In "TimeTracker" only hourly client are saved or have a record. But it will open it in Find mode.

                 We are hoping that when you click the button to open the "time tracker" it will open the same client your'e viewing in "client matter".

                 I think the reason why the other guy decided to create another separate database for Time Tracking is that he doesn't want to touch the programming or setup of the "ClientMatter" database since he's afraid that he might messed up the flow of a perfectly working database. Now that Im working on it. I think its just plain logical to have them connected so when you are viewing record from the main database and wants to record your time in the "TimeTracker" database, we don't have to open and pull up another record from another database.

                 Any suggestion will be appreciated :)

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                   Do you have primary key in ClientMatter? That would be a field that uniquely identifies each client and is best defined as an auto-entered serial number.

                   Is there a corresponding field in TimeTracker?

                   There has to be data in at least one field in TimeTracker that tells you which records in TImeTracker are for a given client in ClientMatter. It might be just the name, but if it is, you are already looking at a serious issue that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

                   With a field that uniquely identifies a record in ClientMatter and which also matches to a field in TimeTracker, you can add an external data source reference and a table occurrence in one file that references a table defined in the other. Then you can define a relationship that matches a ClientMatter record to one or more TimeTracker records.

                   Another option is to use perform script in ClientMatter to perform a script in TimeTracker. You can pass this identifying information as a script parameter and the script in TimeTracker can use that info to perform a find to find the record or records for that client.