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Opening v9 file in FMP v7, any problem?

Question asked by mike60640 on Jul 8, 2009
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Opening v9 file in FMP v7, any problem?


Hello all,


A friend has a FMP file they have been using in v9 at thier office. The file is for an art gallery (inventory, sales and invoicing)... all integrated into 2 seperate files (the 2nd file containing only the art images).  No online functions or anything seeming that complex... just LOTS of seperate tables, relationships, and billions of fields and scripts created by probably 4 previous developers.


They need some cosmetic work done on some layouts.  I think i can do the changes they need but only have an older version (v7) available to me. And, I'm not familiar with what has changed with the file formats since v7.  I do have the file and it opens fine without ANY alert message.  And, it seems to work fine although I don't know all the functions they built in under the hood.


Can I open the v9 file in version v7, make the slight tweeks and not effect other features when they reopen it in v9?




Does anyone know of features that are effected when opening a v9 file in v7?


Any help would be great.  Thanks