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    Openning Remote: "Replace/Update Records"



      Openning Remote: "Replace/Update Records"


      We're on OSX Snow Leopard, using Filemaker Pro (in our office that varies from 8.5 to 10.0).

      Basically, when opening Filemaker Remotely (from FMS 11 on our server using VPN), it occasionally will do what looks like a reconciliation between different databases and I'm (perhaps mistakenly) under the assumption that it shouldn't.  We have about 6,000 clients in our database and reconciling things remotely can take about 15 minutes which seems like a long time. 

      I'm wondering if we "Stop" the action will it revert any records accessed back to an old state?  

      It seems to me that there's something weird with the actual database that might be the problem here ... any ideas would be most helpful to resolving this so as not to have it reconciling in the first place...




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          Replace, in that progress bar, suggests that you have a script that is using Replace Field Contents to modify all the records in the current found set. You might take a look at any script set to run when the file is opened to see if you have such a step and try to determine if that step is truly necessary or if there is some alternative to this operation.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.  I've gone through all of our scripts (... the database was inhereted so actually very few are relevent any more) and deleted all of them as they weren't things that couldn't be done a thousand other ways.  Let's see if the screen comes up at all any more... 

            If not the Script issue, are there other likely culprits? 

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              Rather than deleting all of them, you might have just opend File Options and looked to see if a script was set to run when the file is opened. That's by far your most likely culprit. You can clear a field to stop the script from running when the file is opened and you can also find it in Manage Scripts and just open it to look for that script step.

              If you were only using Filemaker 10 or newer, we might also need to check for script triggers, but then you'd only see this when the accessing user is using FileMaker 10 or newer so your FM 8 users wouldn't see this progress bar.

              I don't know of any other operation then Replace Field Contents that pops up a progress bar with that text in the top of it. If this was a file converted from a very old version of filemaker at some time, you may have calculations that used the Today function which is no longer supported in Filemaker. During conversion, FileMaker replaces that function with a script set to run when the file opens that updates a date field in all records with todays date via get ( CurrentDate ) -- so that's one possible source of this operation here.