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Operating System, Data Transfer Questions

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Feb 15, 2009
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Operating System, Data Transfer Questions


  Am developing a Filemaker Pro 9 database at home on Windows XP

which has just one table (with 20 fields).  This program will

be saved as an executable and put on a computer at work

which will be running Vista.  Will this program execute OK on Vista ?


  Also, if I install a newer version (executable) of the program
on the Vista computer, how can I get the data already stored

in the earlier version (executable) program safely stored into

the new (executable) version program ?

  I have put my current program (executable) version on a XP
computer at work and entered a few records.  By exporting

it as an Excel file and then importing it, it seems to work.

Would this be the best way ?  As the data is being processed,

it is possible to have several thousand records stored.

  Thanks for your help.