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    Operating System, Data Transfer Questions



      Operating System, Data Transfer Questions


        Am developing a Filemaker Pro 9 database at home on Windows XP

      which has just one table (with 20 fields).  This program will

      be saved as an executable and put on a computer at work

      which will be running Vista.  Will this program execute OK on Vista ?


        Also, if I install a newer version (executable) of the program
      on the Vista computer, how can I get the data already stored

      in the earlier version (executable) program safely stored into

      the new (executable) version program ?

        I have put my current program (executable) version on a XP
      computer at work and entered a few records.  By exporting

      it as an Excel file and then importing it, it seems to work.

      Would this be the best way ?  As the data is being processed,

      it is possible to have several thousand records stored.

        Thanks for your help.




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          When you say 'executable', do you mean you will be using FM Advanced to create a run-time version of the file?  Or do you mean you will install FM on the Vista machine, and run it there also?  If that is the case just copy the file on to the Vista machine and open it there.


          Filemaker is perfectly happy to import directly from another Filemaker file, so you can import the records directly from the 'old' file to the 'new' one.  You will have to open both files, so you should re-name the 'old' one first.


          If you mean that you want to continue to develop the file at home while people at work use your previous release, and then you want to give them a second release and import all of their data, then the best way is to save a copy of your second release as a 'Clone', and import all the 'first release' data into it.


          Does that cover what you are trying to do?



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            Dear Alan:

                 The executable is a run-time module.  Filemaker Pro will not be installed

             on the Vista machine.  Will there be a compatibilty problem with a run-time

             version created on an XP computer (at home) and put on a Vista computer

             (at work) ?

                 If the new run-time module is named differently than the one currently

             on the Vista machine, can I import the data directly from one to the other ?

                 Thanks for your help.


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              I've never tried the variation of runtimes created on XP but run on Vista, but I'm willing to bet that the clever boyos at Filemaker are so good at the multi-platform stuff that XP to Vista will have been no problem to them.


              I have just created a runtime file on XP and tried to import from a Filemaker File and it works fine.  The 'File types' offered in the dialogue include 'Filemaker runtime' so I'll bet you can import directly from any variation on that theme.


              In other words, I think you will be able to do exactly what you want to do, if that is:


              - Develop updated solutions in Filemaker on your home XP machine

              - Create Runtime versions of that (empty) file

              - Distribute that file to the users who are currently entering data into the previous version.

              - Open the new, empty, file and import their existing data.

              - Change the name of the new file and let the users carry on entering data into and using your Version II file.



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                Dear Alan:

                     Thanks for your reply.  Sounds like maybe I can operate

                 this way.  I'll use your answer as a solution.