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Operation Cannot Be Performed Error Message

Question asked by Peakoverload on Oct 27, 2009
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Operation Cannot Be Performed Error Message


Following on from this thread Select Mutiple Values From Another Table? I've come up against a new problem with the db I'm creating to track staff performance and training records.


Thanks to the superb help from PhilModJunk I've got my database to a stage where I now have:











StaffDetails::EmployeeID = Defects::EmployeeID

StaffDetails::EmployeeID = StaffTraining::EmployeeID

Training::TrainingID = StaffTraining::TrainingID


On my Training layout, thanks to PhilModJunk, I've added a portal to StaffTraining and placed the EmployeeID field from StaffTraining and the Name field from StaffDetails in the portal row. I've then formatted the EmployeeID field as a drop down list with EmployeeID numbers in column 1 and Name in Column 2. Doing this I can then select any member of staff I want to add them to a training record.


I now need to do the same kind of thing but for the Defect Layout so that when an error is made by a member of staff it can be recorded against their name. I've replicated the above procedure exactly on the Defect Layout and whilst it does display me the list of staff names in the drop down list, when I actually select a name it gives me the following error message:


"This operation cannot be performed because one of more required related records are not available and cannot be created"


Being a complete newbie to databases and to Filemaker I don't know what this message means or why it's not working when it does in the Training Layout.