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    Opinions on providing PDF converter



      Opinions on providing PDF converter


      Like many others, I would like to let customers of our runtime solution generate PDF as an alternative to hardcopy printouts. Under OS X, of course, it is straightforward from the Print menu.


      For Windows, I have located a nice little PDF converter (virtual printer driver) that is both free and freely distributable, with customary restrictions.


      We are trying to decide whether it is better to package that utility appropriately with our runtime, or just to provide basic info and a download link to our customers so that they might obtain and install the converter if they choose.


      So... any folks here who have approached it either way -- or both ways? Pitfalls or advantages of each?

      I am leaning away from including the file because it may imply endorsement or some vested interest. Yet it seems less convenient for our customers if we only point them in the right direction.


      Any thoughts?

      Thank you.


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          I'd leave it out and point the way.  Including it with your runtime suggests that you are taking responsibility for it which is likely not in your game plan.


          A simple "if you desire to print to pdf in place of hardcopy, a pdf converter is required.  One such converter which is available at the time of this release may be found at ___________ though other pdf converters may be used"


          This clearly shows that you are not endorsing a given product.  All the same, is there a bonus revenue stream for you if you package in a specific converter due to the additional exposure your product would give?


          Just thinkin' out loud.

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            Thank you, Ninja.  Your perspective is re-assuring. That does seem to make the most sense.

            Regarding a possible revenue stream, I had thought about that. The publisher does have several other products that are not free, so there could be some interest. But it probably is not a priority for us right now. Besides, bundling it also could give the impression that it is the one that must be used with our product. Since many people already may have and use a different converter, I think we will just let it go at that and offer the suggestion, like you said.


            Thanks again.