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Opinions re checking empty fields

Question asked by ArmutElma on Mar 26, 2014
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Opinions re checking empty fields



     I'm in the process of making a multi-page (slider) test where students enter some information and at the end before they submit it, I need to do a check whether the fields are empty. None of the fields should be left blank even if they have to type "bla blah".

     I would normally use one of the following 3 options:

     1-  Via a script trigger that checks whether the field is empty (IsEmpty) 

     2- Write a script and assign it to a submit button that checks all the fields whether they're empty before ending the test.

     3- Set the field option to be non-empty (File >Manage >Database)

     There issues with these options, however. 

     1- Students should be able to flip back and forth and enter information even if they click into one field and decide to leave it until later. So script trigger on exit would not work.

     2 - There are too many fields to write an if statements or case statements

     3- Same issue as #1.

     Can someone share their opinions on how to best go about checking ~50 fields at once without frustrating the student?