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Optimisation - summary vs relationship

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 11, 2015
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Optimisation - summary vs relationship


I have a DB which is 500 customer records joined to to a data table with 70,000 records and growing.  The join is CustID >CustIDFK.

I need to display summaries, calculations etc on the customer layout.  So far in my short FM life, I've used portals, GetSummary, summaries based on calculations and relationships all to arrive at the same result.

Summaries are easy for me to code because I can condition the data and create the fields quickly.  It has lots of fields to my main data table though, so it's bloating somewhat.

The question I have:

When I am on a customer layout (record 5 of 500 say) and I move to a tab which gives a bunch of summarised data results, does FM look first at the entire 70,000 records, or just those relating to this customer?

I know what it's doing, I don't know how it's arriving at the values.