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Optimizing Runtime Performance

Question asked by JCPython on Aug 7, 2012
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Optimizing Runtime Performance



I been reading up on ways to optimize performance of a filemaker runtime, mostly all i found is whats said from and mostly about filemaker server.


I use fm Pro advanced 12, i created a runtime and its being used by several users not on any network or anything like that, just a standalone runtime.


I hear unsorted fields can slow down performance speed, and I have A LOT! if it would be worth fixing this by making them sorted and using a script trigger on the fields to be evaluated, i will but im just not sure how to go about setting the script trigger to perform the evaluation.


Most of my text fields are all indexed but not all, i was planning on going through and making them all indexed, are there any typoe of text fields that i shouldnt make indexed? or any other field types that should be indexed?


I have many small icons in my header which is repeated over 30 different layouts, should these images be placed in a global container field and then have the related container fields placed in the headers to have less images actually inserted? not sure if thats how that works or not.


I think i remember seeing something online about rounded fields can slow down performance and that setting the corner radius to 0 would help, anyone else know about that?


is there anything else that could be done to help increase performance? I also plan to optimize my scripts to hopefully clean up and work a bit better.