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Option to go back to original record?

Question asked by timothy2k on Aug 13, 2009
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Option to go back to original record?


Ok, so I see script options when trying to go back to a certain record for:


First record

Last record





Isn't there an option to just stay on the current record? (or go back to it, after populating some other tables and fields)??



I tried using calculation, but no matter what I set, it seems to go back to the first record in the table every time the script is done running.


My calculation is trying to use

Estimate::estimate_id= QuoteItem::estimate_id


And the script step says 

Go to layout ["Request for Estimate"] (Estimate)]

Go to record/Request/Page [No dialog:Estimate::estimate_id=QuoteItem::estimate_id]


And when looking at the data viewer, I see those two fields are correct and they match, yet the script keeps going to 1st record in the table every time it finishes.