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Optional conditional value lists

Question asked by philmcgeehan on Mar 26, 2014
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Optional conditional value lists


     I have a portal of line items in an Estimate layout.

     In the portal I have a few pop-up menus, that get their values from conditional value lists,

  •           Supplier
  •           Category
  •           Sub category
  •           and item

     I would like to introduce, another pop-up menu, Gauge, that isn't necessarily required;
     if left blank, the Item list will show all the items, regardless of gauge,
     but if filled with a number it only shows the items that equal that gauge.

     At the moment, if I put in a gauge, it works as expected and those items are shown,
     but, if I leave it blank, nothing comes up - I'd like for all the items to be displayed.

     Any ideas?