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Oracle long data type not recognized by ESS

Question asked by brman on May 1, 2009
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Oracle long data type not recognized by ESS


I have an Oracle database that I am trying to access using FileMaker 10.0v1.  There are many tables in the database (over 100) and I can retreive data from most of them using FileMaker.   One table however has a column that is an Oracle "Long" data type.  The contents of this data is simple text.  When I add this table using the relationship graph, I see all of the columns except for the one that is the long data type.  I have opened the same table via ODBC in Excel and I do see column with the long data type.


Does anyone know how to make that long data type show up in FileMaker.


I am using the following:

Windows XP SP3

Oracle in OraClient10g_home1