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    Orange Line on Layout



      Orange Line on Layout


           In one solution in all the layouts there is a box with orange lines. The vertical lines run from 0 to 16 5/8 inches while the horizontal lines run from 0 to 22 1/4 inches. When I use the Adjust - resize to fit command it appears to prevent the window from resizing to a smaller than full page size.

           What are these orange lines and how do I get rid of them?



           (Using FM 12 on a Mac)

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               They show preset layout dimensions for desktops, iPhones, iPads, and custom sizes.

               First, show the Status Toolbar.  In layout mode, look at the layout toolbar (just under the Status toolbar).  Click the third or fourth button from the left with the pop-up menu (◰ "show or hide screen and device dimensions") to toggle them on or off.