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Order History Portal

Question asked by incybau on Nov 24, 2013
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Order History Portal


     HI, hoping someone can tell me what I'm missing… I'm attaching a screenshot of my relationship graph.  This is for our company's purchasing needs.  Basically it has a supplier list which is connected to the Products (Inventory) and we have a Purchase order form and lines.

     Everything functions, when we create a record of a product and connect it to the Supplier, the Product portal on the supplier's page lists all the products that we purchase from him, as well as all the Purchase Orders come out as well.

     When I get to the Inventory side, I placed a portal to show the order History of Each Item, but the portal lists the purchase orders based on the supplier not just the item in inventory, how do I make the portal show only the order history of that particular item.

     Every supplier, PO and Item has their own ID, I have tried adding table recurrences but nothing comes out even if it's a related table, it will only show items if it is related to the Purchase Order table - can anyone tell me what I'm missing out on?


     Thanks in advance :-)