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order of authentication

Question asked by mfbernard on Oct 20, 2009
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order of authentication


I need to understand at what point FileMaker needs/uses the credentials of the user: it looks like the logic/order has changed from FM9 to FM10...


For example, we have a solution (with separation model), the guest account is active (with read-only) and it is used for opening the main file (the other files contain data and are hidden).


We have 2 scenarios:

1. Application is stand-alone: it now asks to enter user id and password to open the hidden files

2. Application is hosted using Windows authentication: it does not asks for credentials


To "manage" the stand-alone authentication, I have a login script, but it appears that it is executed after the hidden files are opened (in FM10) - I assume, because they are referred to in relationships.


I thought of activating the guest account in the hidden files and using a re-login once the user has entered his/her credentials. This now works in the stand-alone solution, but no longer in the hosted one: the hosted files "keep" the guest credentials and it does not look like re-login works when using Windows authentication...


If the above is not clear, it is because I am confused!


I need to understand:

1. If no account (guest or other) is used automatically when opening files, when there are hidden files referred to with relationships, what is the sequence used by FileMaker to open the files and establish if the user has the right credentials? 

2. Does the sequence change whether the files are hosted or stand-alone?

3. Is there a way to re-login when hosting files with Windows Autentication? say open the files with Guest but re-login with windows credentials...


Or if I'm looking at this problem all wrong, any other suggestion is welcome... 


Thanks for your thoughts,