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    Order of data entry fields



      Order of data entry fields


      This is a real newbie question (and have spend some time in the help screens)

      How do you change the order of the data entry fields that the tab key takes you to.

      After adding a new data entry box it now is at the head of the TAB key chain.


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          Howdy exvb5,


          In Layout mode, under the Layout dropdown menu, click on "Set Tab Order" and rearrange the order that the tabs flow in.  Most of the time I just "Clear All" and lay them back out from jump...


          Is this what you were missing?




          Note: In addition to the help screens, try searching this forum...many of your start-up questions will be common to man, thus will have been answered multiple times on this forum...it can save you the time waiting for an answer since the answer has already been posted here previously (I used copy&paste for the above from a previous post).


          Have fun learning FMP!

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            Tks for the answer. I must have had brain fade as I thought TAB was TAB cards etc. Anyway have done a few tutorials now and weel on the way of finding out what I still have to learn.