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Order of drop down value list out of order

Question asked by dzittin on Jan 2, 2012
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Order of drop down value list out of order


I have a value list constructed from the first field of a table. Users create records in this list so it is not static - it grows over time.

It is my desire to create a pull down menu from this value list which includes all member of the table's first field, plus I want to add one value at the top of the pull down, for example, "Use all values..." followed by the values created by the user.

I implemented this by creating a temp value table. When appropriate, I delete all records, add my "special" first field and then create records for each of the user supplied values. This all works fine with one problem. The order which the values appear in the pull down list. When I look at the temp value table, all is correct - order is perfect.

I did a manage value lists (via the file button) and de-selected "re-sort values". I guessed that this would cause the order in the pull down to be exactly as I supplied them in the table, but instead they come out sorted in alphabetic order ruining my tailored order in the temp table. What's up?