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    Order of Records



      Order of Records




      Is there a way to permanently change the order that records appear in a database?   I understand that sorting is temporary. 


      I'm creating a database which ultimately should contain records in chronological order of data that have been collected since 1991 but I will not be able to input the data in chronological order.





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          Well sorting is a process rather than storing the data as the database should be doing. The database shouldnt really care what order the records are entered in.


          You can script it to sort each time it goes to that layout if you wish. 


          If you must have it in a specific order in a table for some odd reason, then you could create a nightly process which sorts your records and imports them into a temp table, deletes the records from the first table and then import back into that table the records in the temp table. Keep in mind though that this would only be as good as when you last ran the process so any records entered in throughout the day would not reflect its order until the next time the process was run.

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            Thanks for the reply.  I think I'll try the script option if I can find out how to do it from the Help menu.