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Orders and Order Line, Help!

Question asked by Kat4 on Oct 29, 2008
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Orders and Order Line, Help!


This is my second thread and question today. I find the more I read, the more questions I have!

I'm having trouble with the concept of the need for two tables, Order and Orderline, instead of just Orders. I understand its about a 'many to many' relationship, but this particular one really stumps me. 

I'm making this database for a gallery and need to deal with many customers (of varying types), multiple products (with varying options and pricing structures eg framed or flat, wholesale or retail, US or CA dollars). This part I think I can handle. Each one can be dealt with in one table each (I think). So, one more table is needed for Orders... but, the relationship between orders and products is a 'many to many' relationship... is that right? If so, where is the dividing line between what an order is and what order line is?

I've been trying to think of this in terms of how the business runs with paper forms, eg purchase orders and invoices and then order tracking.... but I'm not clear.

Any suggestions or clarification is greatly appreciated.