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    Organising contacts into groups



      Organising contacts into groups


      Hello Forum, I need some help please

      I want to create a database to manage contacts.
      There also must be a simple process for users to:
      A. Create a group
      B. Add/remove contacts from a group
      (Contacts may belong to one / none or more than one group.)

      It has seemed to me that I require 3 tables:
      Table 1. Contacts
      Table 2. Groups
      Table 3. Mapping (each record consists of a serial field and then two fields which store one kf_contact and one kf_group)

      I can get as far as creating a layout based on a Contacts Table Occurrence that:
      - shows fields from Contacts
      - shows the groups that the Contact belongs to (via portal)
      - allows deletion of groups that the contact is mapped to (via same portal).

      How do I go about adding Contacts to a Group (from the same layout)?

      Using FM Pro 10 on Win7
      I've had a look at the "Email Campaign Management" Starter Solution. It sounded the most similar to what I wanted. However I don't understand it in order to remove extraneous bits nor add missing behaviour.

      Thank you to Phil and Guy for help in this earlier post:
      Go to a specific record based on a value stored in a global variable.


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          You have the right data model

          If you enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Mapping in the contacts to mapping relationship, then your portal to Mapping can include setting up the GroupID field with a drop down list of groups listed from the Groups table. Selecting a value from this list on the "add" row below the last listed group will both create a new record in Mapping and add that contact to the selected group.

          There are also other more sophisticated ways to do this--even a "checkboxes" type format lists all groups and you click a button that looks and acts like a check box to add/remove the contact to/from the listed groups.