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Organising contacts into groups

Question asked by japafm on Jun 25, 2015
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Organising contacts into groups


Hello Forum, I need some help please

I want to create a database to manage contacts.
There also must be a simple process for users to:
A. Create a group
B. Add/remove contacts from a group
(Contacts may belong to one / none or more than one group.)

It has seemed to me that I require 3 tables:
Table 1. Contacts
Table 2. Groups
Table 3. Mapping (each record consists of a serial field and then two fields which store one kf_contact and one kf_group)

I can get as far as creating a layout based on a Contacts Table Occurrence that:
- shows fields from Contacts
- shows the groups that the Contact belongs to (via portal)
- allows deletion of groups that the contact is mapped to (via same portal).

How do I go about adding Contacts to a Group (from the same layout)?

Using FM Pro 10 on Win7
I've had a look at the "Email Campaign Management" Starter Solution. It sounded the most similar to what I wanted. However I don't understand it in order to remove extraneous bits nor add missing behaviour.

Thank you to Phil and Guy for help in this earlier post:
Go to a specific record based on a value stored in a global variable.