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Organize fields list or use tables (instead of layouts)...?

Question asked by S.Scherer on Jul 16, 2012
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Organize fields list or use tables (instead of layouts)...?


I work on a Mac and use FMP 11.0v4 to track student records - personal/contact info, academic progress, grades, etc. I'm in the process of revising/improving an existing database and am having trouble finding answers for a couple of what are probably laughably simple questions (but my institution doesn't support FMP and I'm not having any luck googling). If anyone on here can help, I'd appreciate it.

  1. My database has over 200 active fields, added over time. Other than reordering by dragging (which takes forever), is there a way to organize/categorize/search the fields for easier access? Or am I stuck dragging?
  2. Is it advisable to use tables as layouts? In other words, if I create a new table for each category of information as a way to easily organize fields (as opposed to working with a really long list of fields, as in Q#1), does that create other problems (like not having easy access to fields without creating unnecessary elationships)? The tables won't necessarily have relationships. For example, one student record will contain contact info, application info, degree info, etc. but it's all unique to that student - does it make sense to create a table for each category or should I just suck it up, put all the data on one table and deal with the long list of fields? I will have a couple of relational tables and will use portals to organize the data from those.