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Organizing Notes Using Keywords

Question asked by MaxwellKessler on May 29, 2015
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Organizing Notes Using Keywords


Hey everyone,

I'm totally new to Filemaker Pro, and I'm a bit lost at sea here.  I take notes for a group of writers.  We wanted to get filemaker because we heard it could help us organize our ideas easily.  What I want to do is create a database where I can enter topics of discussion one by one and tag each topic with a keyword (or several keywords).

Then, when a writer wants to review all notes, ideas and pitches for a particular topic, I can generate a document just by sorting by the tagged keyword.  Is that possible?  Where do I start?

I guess what I'm mostly trying to figure out is how to tag a note.  I'm mostly entering texts into fields, but I don't know how to tag them or sort them by category.  Or how to create a category,

That make sense?

Thanks, dudes