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    Orgin layout portal



      Orgin layout portal


           I am trying to make something like a portal to display all records but from the table related to the layout. I was trying just to make a list of the records but it was just showing me one of the records from the PO chosen in the PO Breakdown.  How do I make the filters specific to only one portal? How do I make a list of all records?

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               And which of those Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? is listed in Layout Setup | Show Records From?

               Which is listed in the PO Breakdown portal?

               And from which do you want to show records in the All Records Portal?

               In general, If you want a portal to list all records from a given table, you use a relationship between the layout's table occurrence and the portal's table occurrence that uses the cartesian join operator (X) instead of the default = operator.

               LayoutTableOccurrence::AnyField X PortalTableOccurrence::AnyField

               Then a portal to PortalTableOccurrence on a layout based on LayoutTableOccurrence will list all the records from PortalTableOccurrence.

               And the LayoutTableOccurrence and the PortalTableOccurrence can both reference the same data source table if that's what you need.

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                 The Order talble is listed in layout setup.

                 The OrderLineItems|ByOrder table is listed in the PO Breakdown portal.

                 In the All Record Portal I want records from the Order table to show.

                 I made a self join table between order and order2 by their primary ID is that ok? or should I join it by some other variable? My portal seems to be working now!


                 Thank you for your help!

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                   In the case of this type of portal, it does not matter which fields you use as match fields in the X relationship. You can even define a field in Orders, set it up as the match field for the X based relationship, delete this field and the relationship continues to work. (Learned that here in the forum from LaRetta.)

                   The only situation that I know of where it matters what field is specified as a match field in a cartesian join is when you have user modifiable fields specified in a portal filter for a portal that uses that relationship. If you use them as match fields with the X operator, editing the value in the fields will automatically update the filter action to show a different set of records in the relationship. If the field or fields are not included as match fields, a script using Refresh WIndow [Flush Cached Join Results] must be used to update the portal.

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                     I was just testing the portal and actually it is not working the way I want it to. It still spits up only one PO but now just gives me multiple copies of the same entry. Could you please explain how the cartesian relationship should work? Or any idea how to make it work properly?

                     Thank You!

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                       IF you see multiple copies of the same record, you apparently have added fields to the portal row from an incorrect Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?. Make sure that they are from the same table occurrence as that listed in Portal Setup | Show Records From for that portal. (It's possible to add fields from other table occurrences to your portal, but let's solve the "duplicate copies" issue first.)

                       The other possibility is that you specified the X operator in the wrong relationship.