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OSA errors...

Question asked by mps1773 on Sep 20, 2011
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OSA errors...


We have an fm client running as a "robot" along-side the fm server on the same machine. Occasionally, perhaps once a week or less, I would get errors (dialog box) from the running client stating "Unknown OSA error", halting the action of the client. This error occurs as part of the fm scripts running applescript (some native, some calculated). The only recourse has been to reboot the server machine, after which time the dbs continue to operate as designed.  The frequency of the required reboots has increased recently to 3-5 times every two weeks, approximately. I find this unsettling but I have no resources for attempting to find out why/how. Because of a number of limitations placed on me for how this functionality should work, I wish to resolve this without additional hardware or overmuch time investment (ie putting the robot on an independant machine or re-writing the scripts/dbs from scratch). Any suggestions?



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