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    OSX - Photos being cut off between page breaks.



      OSX - Photos being cut off between page breaks.


      Basically, as the Title says, I have a lengthy report (10 pages with no information) with Sliding & Collapsing fields, and I'm having a huge issue with the photo containers.  They are being cut off between page breaks (in this instance, 50% of the image is cut off).


      Is there any solution to this? Anyway to write a script to allow page breaks?  All of this is in the "Body" of the Layout Part.  The layout also has a header and footer.  

      I've been told there isn't a solution to this and this has been a problem with FileMaker for about 8 years now.  How is this not addressed?  And is there a work around?

      I just need it to recognize containers and force a page break before the container, if necessary.

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          I've been researching this the past week or so and I've come to the conclusion this is just a FileMaker limitation.  This has been reported on for several versions, with no real resolution.  

          Curious to see if there's any other software out there that's more accommodating.

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            It's hard to suggest an alternative approach that avoids this issue from the limited info provided.

            It might be possible to move those pictures into a different layout part that then is specified in part set up to not split across page breaks, but that only works with certain data models.

            Large, form view layouts that span multiple printed pages and that have a lot of sliding Fields are unlikely to be the most optimum design to use, but I am well aware that it may be the only option in some cases.

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              Phil, basically I'm trying to replicate this form:


              This is what I've essentially done:

              - Created a "data entry" screen for them to have a larger text field to type in for each line item, as you see it on the PDF.  

              - Created a "printing" layout that has one large body and combines checkboxes with a ton of merged fields for each line item.  These all are sliding and collapsing as necessary to move about the report.  I've also created reference fields for our photos to be placed at the bottom of each section. (Lots & Grounds gets its own photos, Roof gets its own, etc.)

              Now, I understand that I should probably break these out into separate layouts with a "sub summary" for the photos that would break more evenly page to page.  I see this creating alot of white space, especially if there aren't that many defects with the home.  Each report is going to be different and could contain a ton of information or none at all.  My supervisors have pretty much eliminated this idea of each section in its own layout due to the white space potential.


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                I've been having the same problem, using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced on Windows 7.  I've turned off the "Allow part to break ..." option for the Body, which solves the cut-off images in container fields but results in a lot of white space, and doesn't solve the related problem of part of the text in long text fields that don't fit on one page getting cut off at the top of the page also.  So, my questions:


                - This didn't by any chance get fixed in FM 14, did it?

                - If not, is someone at FileMaker working on this?

                - Is there any way to prevent the text from being cut off?