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OSX - Photos being cut off between page breaks.

Question asked by ZacherieWalker on Feb 11, 2015
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OSX - Photos being cut off between page breaks.


Basically, as the Title says, I have a lengthy report (10 pages with no information) with Sliding & Collapsing fields, and I'm having a huge issue with the photo containers.  They are being cut off between page breaks (in this instance, 50% of the image is cut off).


Is there any solution to this? Anyway to write a script to allow page breaks?  All of this is in the "Body" of the Layout Part.  The layout also has a header and footer.  

I've been told there isn't a solution to this and this has been a problem with FileMaker for about 8 years now.  How is this not addressed?  And is there a work around?

I just need it to recognize containers and force a page break before the container, if necessary.