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Out of Memory Error: FMP - MySQL integration.

Question asked by swc on Oct 29, 2008
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Out of Memory Error: FMP - MySQL integration.


We want to dump some data from FMP into a MySQL table that is used for reporting by other applications.

To do this we:
1) Add an External Datasource that connects to the MySQL database.
2) Create a table occurrence that is bound to the MySQL table.
3) Write a script that loops through all the existing fmp records that we are interested in and does the following:
---- Create a new record in the MySQL table occurrence.
---- Set the fields.
---- Commit the record.

The table is relatively small, maybe 10 fields.

The error we are encountering is that when we attempt to run the script, FMP throws an error that it is out of memory, after getting through only 4000 records or so (of 25000).

This error only happens if we create the records in the MySQL database directly. If we write to a temporary fmp table, and then import from the temporary fmp table into the MySQL table via the import records script step, the script runs successfully. Unfortunately, we want to schedule this to be a nightly task on our fmp server, so import records is not a viable way to approach this. We need to be able to create the records directly in the MySQL table via the fmp table occurrence.

Anyone have an idea as to why this would be happening, and how we could resolve it? We're using the lastest MySQL odbc drivers. MySQL 5.0.44. Fully updated FMP9.