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Outlook 2010/Office 2000 problem in Filemaker 11

Question asked by AnnaMalmberg on Nov 13, 2012
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Outlook 2010/Office 2000 problem in Filemaker 11


     I recently purchased a stand-alone version of MS Outlook 2010 since Outlook that came with my Office 2000 bundle is not supported by Windows 7 (64 bit). I had to uninstall Office 2000 to get the new Outlook to install properly and everything appears to work fine until I re-intalled Office 2000 (without the old Outlook). When I try to run the script we have for sending e-mails from FileMaker 11 I get an error saying "Unknown Error -1", but otherwise the new Outlook appears to work. As a temporary fix, I uninstalled Office again and repaired Outlook 2010 which got my FileMaker e-mail working but I do need to have Office on this PC also. To me seems like it could be an issue with how the default e-mail client is set up but I'm not sure.

     Any suggestions would be very welcome.