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Outlook 2011 is only sending mail as HTML

Question asked by SloppyMo1 on Apr 11, 2012


Outlook 2011 is only sending mail as HTML


I am trying to send mail from FMPro 11.0v4. I go to File --> Send --> Mail... . Outlook 2011 opens and the generated emails are put in my Outbox. I put Outlook 2011 in offline mode so I can check the emails before they are sent. All of the emails are in HTML format. In Outlook 2011 preferences, I have the option "Compose messages in HTML by default" unchecked in the "Composing" preference pane. I need to be able to send mail as plain text without having to go into each individual message and change it from HTML to plain text. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.